How old do I have to be to rent a motorcycle?

You have to be 21 years old to rent a motorcycle.

Do I need a special driver’s license to rent a motorcycle?

Yes, you are required to have a motorcycle endorsement on your license or an international motorcycle license for customers outside the USA.

Am I guaranteed the model of motorcycle I reserve?

We do not rent “by category” so the motorcycle model you reserve will be the model you receive. Due to the nature of this business, there are very rare cases whereby we may have to substitute your chosen model with the closest available model. If that situation arises, we will certainly discount your rental for the inconvenience.

Are there any other fees besides the motorcycle rental costs?

The only additional fees will be your insurance (mandatory), accessories (optional), and tax. That is it, no hidden fees! Many other companies show low bike prices then hit you with an incredible amount of additional fees. When shopping for your rental partner make sure you are comparing total rental prices that include ALL fees.

How many miles per day are included in my rental?

All of our rentals come with unlimited miles so ride as much as you want!

Can I change my rental dates after I’ve made my reservation?

If can be difficult to adjust your dates once reserved as we typically book out each summer. According to availability, if we can accommodate a date change, we will do so at our discretion.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this business all reservation deposits are non-refundable. If you have registered for a tour, tour payments (minus the reservation deposit) are 50% refundable if cancelled from 31-60 days before tour departure. If you cancel a tour from 0-30 days before your departure date then your entire payment is non-refundable.

Can I cancel my reservation without recourse because of inclement weather?

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather so rentals are non-refundable for weather related issues. Arizona weather can vary week to week, so please come prepared for inclement weather no matter what time of year you are riding.


Do you require a damage deposit to rent?

Yes. Each renter will be required to leave a damage deposit on their credit card in the amount of the insurance deductible on the policy you choose.

Our deductible options are a $2500 deductible or $1500 deductible, requiring that amount to be collected as a refundable damage deposit.
Please ensure you have these funds available before arriving and notify your bank of your travel plans if necessary.

Is my damage deposit refundable?

Yes. All damage deposits are 100% refundable if there is no damage to the motorcycle. If you damage the motorcycle during your rental, the cost to repair/replace damage parts (including labor) will be deducted from your damage deposit refund.


Do you offer insurance for the rental motorcycle?

Yes, insurance is required for each rental. We have several insurance options and damage deductibles which can be purchased at checkout.

Can I use my own insurance instead of purchasing yours?

Personal motorcycle insurance that covers a rental motorcycle is non-standard and not part of normal motorcycle policies. If you have specifically added rental bikes to your personal policy then we can use your insurance. We require a letter from your insurance company, on their letterhead, addressed to us and must include your policy #, your coverage amounts for rental motorcycles, deductible amounts, and a statement from your insurance provider that your specific policy will provide new, replacement value coverage for our motorcycle during your rental period for ALL damages and theft.

Additionally, since we do not work with your insurance company and have no guarantee of how fast they will respond to a claim, you will be personally responsible for all lost rentals on the motorcycle you damaged until full payment is received by your insurance company.


What if the motorcycle won’t start or breaks down?

If the motorcycle malfunctions for a manufacturer reason we will do our best to replace the motorcycle for you at no cost. If the motorcycle malfunctions because of a user error (wreck, maintenance issue, blown fuse, etc), you are responsible to get the motorcycle back to our facility, or, according to availability we can retrieve the bike for a nominal fee.

Can I charge my phone from the bike?

Most of our motorcycles have onboard power ports (European bikes typically have the smaller port whereas other manufacturers have a standard 12V size). For those that don’t, we have installed a SAE plug directly off the battery. Feel free to bring your power plug adapter or purchase one in our store. We sell USB power adapters for most popular cell phones.

Do you rent helmets or other riding gear?

Yes, we rent helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and many other accessories. Feel free to reserve them when you make your reservation or at checkout (based on availability). We do not rent boots, please bring a pair of sturdy, suitable motorcycle-specific riding boots.

Does my motorcycle rental come with side panniers or luggage?

Unless the model of motorcycle you are renting comes standard from the manufacturer with side luggage and/or top cases, all accessories are ala carte so you only pay for the accessories you need. We can add hard aluminum or soft side bags, hard aluminum or soft side top cases, tank bags, dry bags, or GPS units to all of our rental motorcycles.

What happens if I have an accident or need help?

Much of Arizona and the western mountainous states are out of cell coverage, especially if you are traveling in the backcountry, so we highly encourage you to carry a satellite device such as a SPOT, Delorme or a satellite phone.


What happens if I get a flat tire?

We cannot control where you ride or how you ride so you are responsible to repair or replace a flat tire. We rent riders kits which contain a tool kit, an air pump, a first aid kit, patch kits, duct tape and zip ties if you would rather not carry your own tools with you. Additionally, we sell tubes, tools, patch kits, and accessories needed to repair or replace a flat tire in our store.

What happens if I wreck the motorcycle?

First, call the police and get emergency medical attention, then call us. You are responsible to get the motorcycle back to us, in whatever condition, before the end date of your rental. We will promptly begin an insurance claim and replacement process.

What if my motorcycle stops running out on the trail?

If the bike breaks down due to a manufacturer reason and we need to swap bikes, you are required to get your motorcycle to the closest road accessible by our support vehicle. We cannot retrieve motorcycles from inside a trail system or from inaccessible areas. Again, there is a fee to rescue your motorcycle if it is not running because of a user error.

Many times calling a local tow company, using your AAA card or other roadside assistance may be the best option.

Do I have any maintenance responsibilities?

Yes, you are responsible to maintain all fluids (oil, coolant, etc) and proper tire pressures for the duration of your rental period.


Is there a minimum rental duration?

Each rental day is based on a 24 hour period, so you have your rental up to your same return time. There is a minimum 2 day rental on the 250’s and 701’s.

Can I leave my luggage with you while out on a ride?

Of course, we have plenty of storage room for your luggage while you are out on your ride!

Can you provide recommendations on where to ride?

Absolutely! We know the best places to ride and are more than happy to share that local information with you. We also sell Butler motorcycle maps and can highlight a great ride for you, or, we can create a custom GPS route for you (please give us advance notice for this option).

Can you create a custom ride for me?

Yes. We love to share our local riding knowledge with you so you can maximize your time on two wheels. Don’t guess at what might be a good ride or spend hours online researching good routes, let us create a custom route for you so you can have the best ride possible with the least effort on your part.

Is there an additional fee to add a passenger?

No. Please share the ride with someone you love. Or, someone you don’t love, it’s up to you really.

Can I ride outside of Arizona?

Yes. You are welcome to ride anywhere in the USA. Travel to Mexico or internationally is not permitted at this time.

Do I need to have experience with the same size motorcycle I am renting?

Yes. We highly recommend you have at least one year of experience on the size of motorcycle you are renting. It’s no fun to wreck a bike (physically or financially) because of inexperience.

Can I take the motorcycle off-road?

Yes, some of the best riding in the west is unpaved! All of our adventure bikes are setup to go off-road - they are built with skid plates, crash bars, hand guards and 50/50 tires so go explore! Of course our dirt bikes are made for the extreme off-road so go have fun, just ride using common sense as you will be responsible for all damage caused to the bike while in your possession.

Do I need to bring the bike back full of fuel?

Yes, or you can choose to prepay your fuel for $25.

Do you deliver motorcycles to the airport or outside of the Phoenix area?

Yes, based on our delivery vehicle availability we can deliver your rental motorcycle to you at the Phoenix airport for $40 or to any town outside of the Tempe metro area for a $100 + $.50/mile there and back delivery fee. Please call us if you would like a delivery/pickup quote and to schedule an out of town delivery or pickup.

How do I get to your facility from Sky Harbor Airport?

We are just 10-15 minutes from the airport, so your best best is to take an Uber or Taxi to get to our location. Based on availability, we can schedule a pickup in our delivery vehicle for $40.